Heres a super personal post about how I’m feeling.

As of about 3 weeks ago, I’ve been feeling very down on my self. Been feeling very self concious about my body, and my personality and just generally loathing everything going on with my life. I feel that everyone is getting annoyed with me, and sick of seeing or talking to me, and I just don’t feel good. I’m so lethargic and just feel so fucking shitty. I haven’t been eating, or really moving lately. I literally just have no appetite or inspiration to do anything except play minecraft and watch netflix. I can’t even explain how shitty I feel. It’s not even that I feel majorly depressed or anxious or anything, I just feel bad. All around bad. My mind is incredibly clouded about 80% of the time, I have headaches everyday, body aches, when I wake up I feel like I didn’t get any sleep. I just feel bad. I look at my self and feel gross. I just feel grossed out by my self and don’t want to deal with general life decisions. I really need to get my GED, but I am incredibly reluctant and being incredibly selfish about the situation, I don’t have a job, and my anxiety makes it hard for me to work in the places I want to work in the most and its just bad. Everything is just bad. I’m not happy with anything going on in my life right now and I don’t feel like it’s going to change anytime soon. AND I am having troubles in the man department, as in they just don’t fucking like me and it fucking is not working out. And I hate everything. okay bye.


kinda wanna bang ur head against a wall kinda wanna bang u against a wall

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i did a thing


I wish my wallet was as fat as I am

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me, waiting for Halloween! ♡

Send me a couple numbers to find out:

Have you ever:
1. Skipped class?
2. Done drugs?
3. Self harmed?
4. Drank?
5. Shoplifted?
6. Gotten a tattoo?
7. Broken up with someone?
What's your favorite:
8. Show?
9. Movie?
10. Song?
11. Tumblr?
12. Singer/Band?
13. Memory?
14. Book?
This or that:
15. Invisibility or Ability to fly?
16. Cookies or Cake?
17. Twitter or Facebook?
18. Movies or Books?
19. Coke or Sprite?
20. Blind or Deaf?
21. Tea or Coffee?
What's your:
22. Age?
23. Sign?
24. Height?
25. Sexual orientation?
26. Shoe size?
27. Religion?
28. Longest relationship?
Opinion on:
29. Gay rights?
30. Second chances?
31. Long distance relationships?
32. Abortion?
33. The death penalty?
34. Marijuana ?
35. Love?
Do you:
36. Believe in ghost?
37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it?
38. Sleep with the door opened or closed?
39. Love someone?
40. Still watch cartoons?
41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
42. Like yourself?


Stop saying homophobia and transphobia are opinions wtf

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